Inner Child of Little Lyn

Well Hello There, I'm Little Lyn

Oh, my kitty is "Spook"
She is always with me
One time, she even jumped in the tub with me
Funny kitty,
I'll tell you more about Spook later
But first, let me introduce myself
This is my site Honoring my Inner Child
Oh the fun I'm going to have
First off, I joined a group of other Inner Children
We all have special Name Plaques, here's mine

Little Lyn's friends are:
Little Girl in Black
Little Shai
Twinkles & Lingles
I'm putting all my special things here,
But don't forget
to take a tour of the castle too.

The things I like to do
is go on treasure hunts,
celebrate holidays
go to the playground & visit my friends
I even visit the country
There is so much to do there too,
& I love to do it

I went Treasure Hunting at the following
Little Girl In Black Trophies
Scribblers Trophies
Enchanted Hollow Trophies
Mystical Mountain Castle
Frogger's Pond
Devoted to My Dream Castle
Dreamers Den
Angel Star's Dream Castle
Twinkles & Lingles
Jo's Place
I have only started so I will add more later,
but for now these are what I enjoy
Little Lyn ©

This was my very first Hunt
It was so much fun
Little Girl in Black Shared with me too

To the Castle
For You, Please save to your hard drive, my link is Thank You

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