Do you believe?

Who are you?
How did you get up there?
And where am I?

Human children, sure ask a lot of questions.
First of all, only the pure of heart
can see us.

What do you mean, us?
There are more?

Now child, did you think there was only one?

Well I saw the Faery Ring

So I thought there might be wee faeries here.
But I was always told,
that there are no faeries
But I knew there were,
still, most will not believe me, anyway.

Well child, if a person doesn't believe in faeries
they have lost a piece of their heart.

Only the pure of heart
do we show ourselves to.

I'm so happy to meet you,
But I am lost, & don't know which way is home.
My folks will be so worried about me
I wasn't suppose to go so far into the woods.
I didn't listen & now I'm lost
Would you know where my home is?

For that information,
you will have to ask the Wandering Faery
She is not here yet
We only see her, around midnight

I have never stayed up that late
And I'm getting so tired now

Well child, this is all I can help you with,
Why don't you have a little sleep,
My resting place is here

And the Faery Patrol,
will keep you safe while you sleep

But, I'm far too big to rest there
I am a small child, but far too large for there

Oh, that is no problem
A little faery dust will help
& you will fit there perfectly


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