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Before you adopt anything from these pages
Read my first
These are not free they are LINKWARE

The adoptions in this table
all have to do with your time of birth
Angel Birthstone Globe Birthstone
Birthstone Roses Birthstone Rings
Cameo Rose Lunar Moon
Zodiac on Blue Zodiac on Black
Mermaid Globes Mermaid Animated
The Planet Rulers Calendar Dolls
Chinese Fortune Cenataur Zodiac
Birthstone Doves Birthstone Dragons

Please include my tag
when you adopt
Link to
Right Click & save to your
own harddrive
otherwise this is bandwidth theft
I change these pages often
And you will lose your adoption

Other Adoptions

Faerie Dolls Little Girl Dolls Plaques to Live By!
10 Most Important Things Big Girl & Boy Dolls Dragon Globes
A Touch of Victorian Mystical Dolls Hour Glass Holidays
TearDrop Birthday Happy Anniversary TearDrop Thinking of you

For the love of fun

Treasures & Trophies Inner Child
Once upon a Child Awards for Story Teller

Places of Interest

Castle in the Clouds Taylor Ridge
Spirit of the Heart Taylor's of Broadsea
My Story Poetry by Lyn
Home for the Holidays My Canada
Dolls By Lyn Tutorials by Lyn

My Fantasy Castle Community

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