Do you believe?

One enchanted evening,
a very long time ago,
as I walked through the forest,
I spotted the strangest thing,
something I had never seen before,
only heard about.
I recognized it as a Faery Ring

So there must be wee faeries here.
If I stand in a faery ring
under a full moon
& make a wish,
the wish will come true.
But never on May Eve or
All Hallow's Eve,
these are the two major faery festivals,
else the faeries will be offended
& carry me off to Elfland.

But, back to my story,
I went further into the woods
& came upon a tiny garden.
Why would anyone grow
such small little vegetables?
Oh look, the sun is starting to go down,
I should head for home.
Which way is home?

Oh my, there's the sweetest wee house.
It is so tiny, I almost didn't see it.
I wonder who lives here?
Oh no, now I know I'm lost!
Now what will I do?
Maybe, if I knock on the wee door,
someone will be able to help me.
Maybe they will be able to show me
which way I should go
to get back home?
I hope the wee folk are friendly?

Well, don't just stand there talking to yourself
Knock on the door.

What, who said that?
Where are you hiding?
Come on now, Show yourself!!
Don't you know I'm lost
and it's starting to get dark
& they will be worried about me
at home.
I'm much too young to be in the forest
after dark, & I don't know my way back home?
All I see is that little twinkle
& twinkles can't talk, can they?
So, show yourself!


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