Symbol Rings
As we go through our lives,
we seem particular to symbols.
What does this mean? What does that mean?
In the Zodiac,
there are planets that rule our sign.
I have made them into rings.
Each planet that rules,
has a meaning to how we behave in life
and the type of person we become.
Of course this is for fun.
But who's to say that the outer limits
don't have an influence?

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The Sun rules Leo

The Sun's glyph, is a circle-
an image or wholeness-& a point,
for the centre or focus of life.
The Moon rules Cancer

The Moon has several glyphs, depending
when you are born, the position at birth
is said to reveal much about the relationship
between mother & child.
Venus rules Taurus & Libra

Venus glyph, universal symbol for female
A circle above a cross indicates
the ascendance of the spitit over matter.
Mars rules Aries & Scorpio

Mars glyph, universal symbol for male,
An arrow drawn atop a circle to represent
the ascendance of the material over the spiritual.
Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo

Mercury's glyph, a cross surmounted
by a circle capped by a semicircle,
uniting mind, spirit, & matter,
but giving primacy to intellect.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius & Pisces

Jupiter's glyph that represents him,
a half circle rising over a cross,
is symbolic of he mind's triumph over matter.
Saturn rules Aquarius & Capricorn

Saturn glyph, the cross is paramount,
making matter ascendant over mind
& bringing intangibles down to earth.
Uranus rules Aquarius

Uranius' glyph signifies spirit ruled by mind
&operating in materiality,
synthesizing attributes of all the planets.
Neptune rules Pisces

Neptune's glyph is an astrological warning
that only the spiritually adept can safely
approach the deeper knowledge represented
by distant planets.
Pluto rules Scorpio & Aries

Pluto's glyph depicts spirit
being forged in the crucible of matter





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