Treasures Received


I was invited as an honored guest June 15 - 30, 2002
by Lady Marie

Nominated by

Site Name:~Stairway to Paradise!
Site URL:
Name:Angel ~Lyn~

Site Name:Welcome to Taylor Ridge
Site URL:
Reason for Nomination:
Lyn is one of the most caring, compassionate,
and kindest friends I have met on the net.
She is very deserving to be nominated.
Her poetry and her writings is truly wonderful.
Her website is full of wonderful information.

What an Enchanting site,
The wee faery was a shy one
But once I found her,
She was very friendly

Go looking for treasure,
I found mine June 5, 2002

A Hunting I will go
to the Dragon Lair
June 29, 2002

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